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A Happy Workplace

Will increase productivity and health

Office visits are available. What a great way to reward your staff or treat yourself. With a minimum of four clients booked per visit each client enjoys a 1/2 hour massage at a discounted rate. Regular visits are beneficial and will improve morale and possibly productivity as aches and pains associated with office and computer work will be lessened. Poor posture stresses the upper body which will be worked on. Please contact me to meet to discuss the best option for your company.


Do You Need a Reboot?

Do you feel stretched in a hundred different directions? Obligations, deadlines, appointments, meetings, work, housework, sports, everything. More often than not, it seems there aren’t enough hours in the day. We’re on constant high alert. We’re always moving.

All this chaos can be hard on your body and mind. When this happens, we tend to eat crap, not sleep and get snippy with our families and coworkers.

The effects of this day to day stress are cumulative for most of us. Stiff joints get stiffer. Cranky shoulders get crankier, then one rogue golf swing or one heavy laundry basket makes it worse.

Massage is the mini-vacation you probably need. Without the sand in your shoes.

Massage therapy is a reboot. It’s the control-alt-delete for your body and mind. A massage resets your thoughts, slows your pulse, regulates your breathing, and recharges your mind.

How Does In-Office Massage Work?

There are different schemes and options you can choose if you’re looking for a great way to bring massage to the masses in your work environment. It’s easy to incorporate massage into your workplace – you don’t even need a dedicated room or chair to be able to take advantage of this fantastic workplace perk.

I offer a corporate service, which involves me visiting your office or work premises and giving short massage sessions to employees. These are usually back, neck and shoulder style treatments which can be carried out in an ordinary chair, even while the employee sits at their desk. It’s advised that they do actually switch off for the session and don’t carry on working, though! I can also bring in my massage chair may and set up a mini massage room that employees can visit for longer treatments, perhaps for a wellbeing day, which is a really good way to make employees feel valued as well as giving them a valuable de-stressing opportunity.

Why not look into workplace massage as a way to help keep your workforce healthy – you know they will thank you for it.

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