In many ways “procrastination” is a naughty word. To some it implies laziness, being unmotivated, distracted, unfocused and countless other trigger words. It means that we aren’t getting the things done and we are failing as contributing adults.

Now maybe that’s an exaggeration, but maybe it’s not.  The point is we heap a bunch of responsibilities and pressure on ourselves. There is always a deadline and there is always the next thing to complete.

But where is the real procrastination?

More often than not we are procrastinating on our self-care and the things that really matter. This National Procrastination Week (March 5-11) we are all about the holiday that is devoted to putting things off and delaying those oh-so-important tasks.

The focus for this holiday isn’t inactivity, but in being active in getting a mental and emotional break which will lead to decreased stress and anxiety. This is a holiday you NEED to celebrate for self care.

Here are a few ways you can indulge in procrastination. (Don’t worry, all that other stuff will still be there when you’re done.)

Ahhh, a good book – there’s nothing like it. No matter the genre, reading is the quickest escape route into another land. Once you pass through that portal there’s no turning back. And if business or finance books are more your speed, there’s nothing wrong with that. Sometimes the escape is in learning something new. Grab your library card and check out your local library or click Ebooks and audio books are available without even leaving home.

Is there a hobby or enjoyable activity you’ve been putting off?  Now is a good time to pick it up. Bake your favourite cookies. Cook a meal that reminds you of someone special. Knit a scarf. Write in a journal. Paint a canvas, an end table, or a masterpiece. Whatever your “thing” is lose yourself in it.

Raise your hand if you procrastinate on doing dishes and laundry. (*raises hand*) While some find household chores relaxing, others can’t stand them or just never seem to have the time for them. Cleaning has become a “hurry up and get it over with” activity. Slow down a little and try to enjoy the process. If that doesn’t work, consider hiring it out!

In some instances, exercise has become another chore. We do it because we know we need to and it will keep us fit and healthy. Sometimes we don’t see the benefit until it’s over and working out becomes another task we must complete. Try approaching exercise in a new way. Find something you enjoy doing. Something you can look forward to. Try yoga or meditation (for those with busy minds, keep a notebook nearby to jot down fleeting thoughts) or go for a walk on a new trail or in a different neighbourhood. Just get out there and move.

Drink coffee. Drink tea. Drink margaritas. Get dressed up for a night on the town or dress down for a night in. Fly solo or invite a friend. For some, socializing recharges their batteries while others find energy in solitude. Do what suits you and I promise you’ll feel refreshed.

Find the nearest couch or your bed. Sleep is essential and we don’t get nearly enough. The benefits of sleep range from improved memory, sparked creativity, improved athletic performance and weight loss to lower anxiety and depression levels. Granted getting a good night’s sleep won’t prevent you from all disease, but quality sleep is a key factor in a healthy lifestyle.

It’s no surprise that my favorite way to indulge in procrastination is through massage. I would start and finish every single day with a massage if I could. The mental and physical break in a treatment room cannot be beat. And if you’re still feeling the need to be productive, multitask by scheduling a massage.

In case you didn’t pick up on it, procrastination week is also about changing habits. It’s about incorporating enjoyable activities in our busy, stressed out lives. It’s about finding some peace while being productive and keeping things in balance. Being riddled with daily stress and anxiety serves no one. Especially you.

It’s no surprise that my favoyrite way to indulge in procrastination is through massage.

I am different then most practitioners in the city of London, I have been trained. I trained in 2012 with the Canadian School of Head Massage. I then spent the next two years practicing on friends and family. The Canadian School of Head Massage does offer certification, I opted not to certify and I do not massage exactly as I was trained. I took the best of the training (in my opinion) and made my massages my own. I do not do chopping, raindrops and hair pulling on your head type of moves. I believe that my experience qualifies me as a superior Indian Head Massage Therapist.

I am also a graduate of Inner Insights School with certification in Relaxation Massage. I regularly take webinars and classes to keep up on new techniques and education that I can pass on to you to make you feel better.

If one of us feels we’re not a good fit, I have other professionally trained practitioners I can recommend to you.