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Do you suffer from stress and overwhelm? Me too, but I’m working on letting things go and taking care of me. Read some blog posts and join me on this journey. ”
Pull up a chair, grab a coffee

You’re managing the house, the cars, the kids, the dog, but how are you taking of you? Hi, my name is Tara and I’m a massage practitioner in London, Ontario. I’m an expert in self care. Pour yourself a delicious beverage and read on.

Investing in Yourself is Always Worth it!

Massage  is an affordable way to manage stress and take a bit of time for yourself.   I offer relaxation massage, cranial bliss massage and hot stone massage.

Relaxation massage is done on the heated massage table using my massage skills which initially developed at Inner Insights Holistic School here in London.

Cranial Bliss (head massage) is typically half hour or 45 minutes in a relaxing atmosphere, depending on session. Indian Head Massage will help to relax your shoulders. You may have a heated bag put on your shoulders while your neck is massaged. Typically the massage is done without oils and creams, however you may opt to have an oil treatment for your scalp, which will be applied after the scalp is massaged. A moisturizing cream can also be used during the face massage, upon request.

Hot stone massage is also on the heated table.  Your muscles will feel deep relief and relaxation from the moist heat of the rocks.  This is a deeply soothing massage.  Great for soreness and bringing your body back to the way it should feel.

Indian Head Massage is wonderful for insomnia, headaches, eye strain, and especially for stress.

What is Indian Head Massage ?

Indian Head Massage originated thousands of years ago in India. It is also known as Champissage a Hindi term. Indian Head Massage is a form of relaxation gentle massage. During an Indian Head Massage the client remains seated in a chair while remaining clothed. The muscles of the upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp, face, and ears are manipulated. This process provides maximum stress relief for the entire body and mind.


Why Tara?

I am different then most practitioners in the city of London, I have been trained and have over 5 years experience. I trained in 2012 with the Canadian School of Head Massage. I then spent the next two years practicing on friends and family.   I took the best of the training (in my opinion) and made my massages my own. I do not do chopping, raindrops and hair pulling on your head type of moves. I believe that my experience qualifies me as a superior Indian Head Massage Therapist.

I am also a graduate of Inner Insights School with certification in Relaxation Massage. I regularly take webinars and classes to keep up on new techniques and education that I can pass on to you to make you feel better.

If one of us feels we’re not a good fit, I have other professionally trained practitioners I can recommend to you.


How Often Should I Visit?

“If you’re in pain, what can you expect from massage? Will you get better right away? How often should you get massage for persistent pain? All good questions!

One massage is rarely a matter of fixing you and sending your on your way. If you come in with back pain that you’ve had for years, it’s unlikely that I’ll be able to make it completely better in a single session. Pain is a complex thing, created by your habits, the work that you do, and your past and present injuries. It’s also strongly influenced by things like stress and mindset. Not an easy thing to change in a single session.

It’s more likely that pain relief will come over the course of weeks or months. As Indian Head Massage becomes a part of your life, your body will come to the slow realization that it doesn’t need so much habitual tension,and that it can safely turn down the “volume knob” on your pain. Studies have shown substantial benefit for arthritis sufferers just from massage. Less pain, more range of motion, and greater function, just from making massage a part of your routine.

What can you expect after your first massage? You should feel a little better. You will probably have an amazing sleep that night, and the effects can last for several days. As you continue your daily routine, the pain will likely creep back in.

So why get Indian Head Massage at all? Because with each session, the effects should build. Typically after a few massages, the pain will drop considerably, and it won’t return to the same levels that it started at. Eventually, you may have difficulty remembering what your old pain felt like. There will be ups and downs, but the overall trend should be “down.”

How often should you get massage? Most of the studies that show substantial benefits use a weekly protocol, but I’ve seen good results from twice-monthly massage. If you’re in pain, I’d recommend starting with weekly massage for about four weeks, and then tapering off as you recover. I know that costs can add up so start with what you can afford. Just realize that frequency and regularity are big factors in the success of the treatment regimen.

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