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Massage those headaches away

Headaches can be a real misery and sometimes it can seem as if you’ve tried everything to get rid of them but they just keep on coming back. Painkillers can seem like the obvious choice because yes, they do work, but then the headache will often return. If you’re really unlucky you may also end up with a rebound headache which can be common in people who take painkillers regularly.
So, what can you do?

If you doctor tells you that medically you are fine and sends you away with instructions to relax more and get some sleep, it might feel as though you’re not being taken seriously. If just getting more sleep and less stress were the answer we’d have found a way to do it by now, and in any isn’t that simple. And you still have a headache.
Indian head massage might be a way out of the headache hell that doesn’t involve taking drugs.

How can massage help a headache?
Massage has two main benefits when it comes to beating regular headaches.
A massage can help headaches that are caused by trigger points, muscle spasms and general tension. These are thought to be a major cause of headaches and I has some great tools to help give you relief from the pain – my knowledge and hands. Some points on your body, like the back of your skull can bring on a feeling of deep relaxation, and this spot is known to be a great place to massage anyone who has tension headaches.
Regular Indian head massage helps to regulate hormones in your body that manage your mood, sleeping patterns and appetite. We all know that if we’re feeling tired, if we have low blood sugar or if we’re just in a bad mood we’re prone to getting headaches, so regulating the hormones responsible can really help decrease the number of headaches you experience.
What else can you do about regular headaches?
There are other things that will help banish your regular sore head. I may be able to give you a bit of advice about what might work for you – as well as providing healing hands. I have stretches to help with muscle tension and my very popular magnesium oil.
Before you miss another day at work, or have a terrible one due to a headache or migraine, consider booking an Indian Head Massage bi-weekly or monthly. However you are dealing with this pain, I truly hope you're getting the help you need.