London Indian Head Massage

Investing in yourself is always worth it

I trained in 2012 with the Canadian School of Head Massage. I then spent the next two years practicing on friends and family. The Canadian School of Head Massage does offer certification, I opted not to certify and I do not massage exactly as I was trained. I took the best of the training (in my opinion) and made my massages my own. I do not do chopping, raindrops and hair pulling on your head type of moves. I believe that my experience qualifies me as a superior Indian Head Massage Practitioner,
I am also a graduate of Inner Insights School with certification in massage. I regularly take webinars and classes to keep up on new techniques and education that I can pass on to you to make you feel better.
If one of us feels we’re not a good fit, I have other professionally trained practitioners I can recommend to you.
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